Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Geeksquisite Question of the Day #5: 7/14/09

This question came to me when playing some Left 4 Dead with Fellow authors Aaron, Ed, and Randy.

Question #5:

What is your best online gaming experience?

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  1. I think mine has to be the first day of the Halo 3 Beta. Where I played with all my TSEF clan members and I played for a personal (then record) of 18 straight hours of playing with only a bathroom break. I remember all the glitches in that Beta. It was a fantastic day to be a Halo fan.

  2. Mine was on Halo 2, a lot of my friends were playing Rockets on Backwash. I ended up being ahead with 482 kills and the closest person having 218. I had 57 triple kill medals and on a roll, then I left after being so wiped before I ended up coming back for more. That was crazy considering it was a free for all.

  3. As I said on the voice chat, my best moment had to be during this match of tf2. I played as the spy (not a class I use alot) and was just destroying the other team. One moment in particular backstabbing seven or eight players right as they walked out of the spawn before i was finally killed. But what really made this my greatest playthrough was the complaints that came from the other team afterward. The only time I think I've ever heard "If it wasn't for (insert my class) we would have won. I was Kredit to team!

  4. I've played a lot of online games. LOL I started with Starcraft, moved on to Warcraft, then to Ragnarok until WoW came out. WoW consumed most of my high school life and even my first year of college, but none of the games I've played compared to how much fun I had when Liberty City came out. GTAIV was definitely my best online gaming experience.