Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Live action TMNT news that hurts

I happened to like the 2007 TMNT movie, it was good fun to watch and took a more serious and dark tone than the previous films. The thing is, when they announced they were going to live action, I was okay with that more than others were since the turtles would be CGI. I'm very interested to see how they are designed, but until right now I have been excited for this movie until I saw this article.

I was interested to see if I could go audition for the movie, but knew i'd need martial skills that I don't have :P. Problem is, something in this article has me crying slightly and screaming in protest as a TMNT fan.

Mirage Studios, 4Kids Entertainment and TMNT Productions will select the best candidates to join the Turtles' enemies, the Foot Clan.

Mirage Studios, 4Kids Entertainment and TMNT Productions

Mirage Studios, 4Kids Entertainment

4Kids Entertainment


OMG, lets see, 4Kids entertainment involvement in properties. Pokemon movie dubs, Sonic X dubs (casting dan green who did yami yugi in yugioh for knuckles, what the f*ck!), Yugioh. Oh my god 4Kids does stupid things, and they're helping with casting?! AHHH god.

Let's hope Peter Laird puts his foot down at some of 4Kids ideas, oh i'm looking forward to this movie but man this is bad news for me.

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  1. don't forget 4kids complete butchery of One Peice.