Saturday, July 18, 2009

Geeksquisite Question of the Day #9: 7/18/09

This question came to me when thinking about being a kid. I remember all the fun I had going trick or treating as different cartoon and comic characters. The sucky part was my mom always making me where a jacket. SUPERMAN DOESN'T WEAR A JACKET!!! or sneakers now that I think of it.

Question #9: What are some of the geeky Halloween costumes you guys remember wearing?

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  1. Some of my most memorable costumes were going as Superman. A Spanish Chubby 4 year old Superman with a brown leather jacket, sweats and sneakers.

    My mom made me a Shredder costume cause i loved the turtles and loved Shredder. The costume was amazing and the helmet was made of cardboard and foil. I tripped and fell every 3 feet cause I couldn't see out the mask. I loved it so much though so I kept wearing it even though I kept tripping. So Menacing.

  2. As far back as I can remember:
    5th Grade: Hippie
    6th Grade: Pokemon Trainer (I was wearing all yellow and had a Jolteon plush and 2 of my friends were other Eevee evolution trainers.)
    7&8th Grade: I can't remember, but one of these years I was Utena Tenjou from Revolutionary Girl Utena.
    9th Grade: ???
    10th Grade: Some kind of samurai with a kimono, geta sandals and a sword. (This year people in a passing car threw Chinese food at us.)
    11th Grade: Didn't dress up this year because of the bad year before.
    12th Grade: J-rock singer Kana. Totally AWESOME costume, but no pics.
    Freshman year at Briarcliffe: Witch
    Sophomore year at Briarcliffe: Jennifer from Rule of Rose.

  3. I think one of the geekiest costumes I've ever worn was a sonic the Hedgehog costume i wore...when I was somewhere between 5 and 9...It's kind of hazy. Its even more embarrassing looking back now considering how much Sonic sucks, and the costume was pretty pathetic...but durable. It was passed from me to Tom, to like every male in his family.

    One costume I'm proud of I've worn at i-con for about 3 years, and went trick or treating in 2007 is a team aqua grunt costume from pokemon. Made it myself and I looked pretty convincing. Last year I trick or treated as the Keith Ledger 60 percent of trick or treators

  4. The geekiest halloween costume I can remember wearing was probobly Goku. I had this plastic hair peice and everything, so I really looked the part. The costume was made for kids, but it was based on the adult goku from DBZ. I kinda wish they would of based it on young goku from the original series, it would have been pretty fun to carry around a power-pole, and even though I would have probobly tripped over the tail, that still would of been fun too.

  5. I once went as the Phantom Ranger, 3rd grade I think. I went as the WWF wrestler the undertaker in 5th grade. And I also went as the Scream from the horror franchaise one year.

    I really really wanna get a cool master chief costume made and go as that.