Tuesday, May 26, 2009

E3 is back, what will we see?

Hey guys, thought I would just run through a few things I'm looking forward to having be announced or shown at E3 2009. It's been an interesting year in gaming since the recession hit. Developers closing shop left and right due increasing development cost and decreasing profits. Even the big companies like Electronic Arts have been laying off thousands of employees in order to keep the business going. Even with times getting as hard as they are there are still some promising titles and announcements ahead of us. So with that lets look at some of the possible announcements I'm looking forward too in no particular order.

1. God of War 3: Sony announcing a release date for God of war III within the 2009 fiscal year. Most rumors are suggesting a March 2010 release date. I also look forward to seeing a onstage demo at Sony's press conference.

2. New Zelda?: A new Wii developed Zelda could be huge. Most of the people I've been listening too seem to think we're more likely to see a Mario game but I had my fill with Galaxy and don't think we need another Mario for quite a while to be honest. There hasn't been a new Zelda game on the platform yet since Twilight Princess was a port so hearing hoping.

3. Sequels:  Modern Warfare 2, Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, Assassin's Creed 2, Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time, Uncharted 2, Lost Planet 2, Splinter Cell conviction, and many more. We are now 3 to 4 years into the next-gen cycle. This is historically the point where developers have learned the new tech and now know how to push it to it's limits. So here's looking at what might be some of the best games to come out this generation.

4. New IPs: Most new IPs end up forgotten but there are a few that look very promising simply cause of their pedigree. Capcom's Dark void from the makers of Crimson Skies, which looks to put it's spin on the 3rd person shooter genre. Brutal legend from the mind of Tim Schafer which looks to bring to life what it would be like to play a game inside a heavy metal album cover. It's always exciting to wait and see which IPs with find an audience and which ones will go down as failed experiments.

5. Console MMOs: For years we've been waiting for a proper console MMO. The most resent rumor that the Lord of the Rings Onine will be coming to consoles only helps to straighten the possibility. Don't forget SOE either with DC Universe which is shaping up to be a good start for Sony.

6. The Unkown: What makes E3 so exciting is that you don't always know what to expect. There is still stuff in the air like the PSP Go! which could change the way games are distributed in the future. MAG which could be revolutionary if it is able to simulate a persistent battlefield with up to 256 live players. Then there is the PSN and XBLA which have been growing exponentially with content. What will be this years Final Fantasy coming to Xbox 360 announcement? We will know in just a few days and I for one can't wait.

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