Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Store Trips that encompass all things Geeksquisite

Play and Trade logo, great franchise :D

So Today me and fellow blogger and podcast host T.J. went out to satisfy our incomplete collection of gaming and entertainment. It started with me selling my dreamcast collection to T.J, he liked it of course and looks forward to adding to the collection of mostly sports games in his new Dreamcast collection. 

So we first stopped at Play and Trade, a growing gaming paradise/franchise if i do say so myself. It has more engaging people running it, its not like you just buy a game and they ring it up. They ring your game up and know what your getting, know your tastes and give that look of reminiscing since they are gamers themselves. They do cater GREATLY to the classic gaming era, they have a crapload of NES, SNES, N64, Dreamcast, Genesis, PC, and other classics while carrying the new stuff. T.J. even notes they have some nice T-Shirts :). 

So what did I get there? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on NES, T.J. said they are doing a remake but it's a classic to me. So I got it and noticed something funny about it while playing it, but i'll put that in a seperate post tomorrow ;D. I also grabbed a new 360 wireless headset. My old one broke and say what you want, I think the wireless mikes have better sound quality to me for some reason. T.J. grabbed Shadow of the Colossus, classic XD. Then we went to Best Buy.

I didn't plan to buy anything, but T.J. helped me loosen up in that regard. Before I knew it he handed me the Firefly DVD Collection and Serenity the movie to that series. Collector's Edition. 
We looked at some games, some more movies. I showed more of my ignorance games and movie wise, I really have to catch up on alot of stuff. I had a rough life in my first 15 years, so I didn't have the passion for Movies and Games T.J. has. I hope to change that. I ended up returning the Firefly Collection, 40 dollars? I didn't like spending that much for it. Probably will in the future. But I bought the Serenity Collector's Edition. I actually remember Joss Whedon saying a sequel of the movie would depend on that DVD's sales rate, heres a vote to make another movie in the Brown Coat's saga. T.J. picked up Charlie Bartlett, The Right Stuff, and Chasing Amy. Wish I watched any of them, wish i wasn't so behind on everything :(

But it was fun. 

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