Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Last Airbender Trailer

Dev Patel is Zuko

Avatar: The Last Airbender was arguably the best Nickelodeon series they have made in quite a long time since the Golden Age when they were called Nicktoons. It started funny, got serious, and ended epicly. I rewatch episodes more than i drink water, haha. 

So with the announcement of a movie, a 4 part series if it stays popular I was of course interested. Then I found that M. Night Shamalayan was attached to write and direct the series of films. That got me a little nervous with his less than stellar record for like the last three movies he made, but he's basing it off a set storyline by the creators. And he did watch the series according to interviews. 

So I recently found out that a teaser trailer for this movie will be shown before Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Excellent! more bang for my buck :D. But jeez, a trailer for a movie not being released till July 2nd 2010. Kinda early and cruel if you ask me. 

Now to be fair this upcoming movie is not all positive, fans have criticized the use of all white actors for the cast. Thats a whole other subject but needless to say this movie is important, important enough that I write about a teaser trailer in front of Transformers 2. 

Why? Well first of all. 
1. Since I love this series and used to love M. Night Shamalayan, im hoping for good things since he has watched the show himself and I'm seeing this movie unless real trailers says otherwise. So its a chance for him to redeem himself to me and likely to others.
 2. The Trailer will give us an insight to the movie's mood, martial art kung fu action, mythology and having to save the world even though your a care free misfit...sounds familiar. Oh Crap, Dragonball:Evolution. Well its not Twentieth Century Fox produced so it stands a better chance being under...Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount. Ummm...The only one of theirs I happened to like was Charlotte's Web and i'm in the minority of that opinion. So that's another concern. 
3. If the movie doesn't do well why make four movies?

So anyway, if you liked Avatar. Go see Transformers, which i'm sure you already are, and check out the teaser. 

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