Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wall-E Lookback Review

Yes this movie has been out for quite some time, but it seems appropriate as Pixar's Up will close the door on Wall-E and he'll become history. But Wall-E is not just another Pixar film, there is something amazing about this film that makes me watch it again and again. 

Wall-E is about this little robot, the last one of his kind cleaning up the earth..for 700 years. In that time he grows lonely and thinks outside his duty because the whole Earth has only him, letting him develop a personality to his everyday living. Upon arrival of a robot named EVE, he is entranced by her. He interacts with her, discovering that she shows him things within his own universe he never realized. EVE shows him beauty through her own skill at mastering the complexities of Wall-E's treasures and what they held that Wall-E knew nothing about. And in that, Wall-E grows to love EVE. 

This movie was perfect, i have a really hard time finding anything wrong with this movie. At that point i'm nitpicking and I find that too cynical for me to do so i'll accept this movie has no flaws. The messages about humanity aren't bashed about by the robots, its just how they see it in face value. And yet it shows we do need to care about what we as a people are doing to the Earth, we recognize beauty and need the Earth to survive. The movie shows we need to change our habits and help the earth, and we can't wait for the silver bullet. We built the robots that function better than we do in this movie. 

 The interactions with the robots were funny, interesting, and the robots were able to distinguish personalities without dialogue. WALL-E and EVE's fun they had with Wall-E's treasures are funny and revelant of our fascinations with the simplest things. Its funny because the robots attain personalities from when routine becomes on the spot improvising, the robots always seemed to do what they were programmed to do. But when Wall-E, EVE, MO and all the other robots had nothing to do revelant to their programming or hit a dead end like WALL-E in how routine it became. They went beyond the call of duty to interact and help each other, something that the humans of this film left behind for convenience. 

The film is beautiful to look at, funny, clever in portraying mannerism based personalities, and appeals to our better halves to care about these characters as we should care for each other. That is humanity, and it goes beyond humans in this movie. 

I give this a 5 out of 5

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