Thursday, May 28, 2009

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on NES Review

This game is a funny one to review with all the odd things I find about it, first of all take a look at the cartridge picture of my copy. Notice anything wrong with the cartridge art? um they are all Raphael because they all wear a red bandanna. Now I might not be the first one to notice this, but it's pretty funny. Talk about Stunt Doubles :P BUT WAIT, I read that before the TV series this was indeed the case that they all wore red, so apparently the game followed the original comics. Not the series that changed that to let viewers distinguish the characters. 

Another thing about this game is the back of it indicates it was made in 1985, OLD yes but yet when I see the copyright it says 1989. Could the cartridge date indicate the start of the NES library, I checked and yes alot of them say 1985 but there is no way they all came out in 1985. I know Robocop didn't. 

Now to the Gameplay, the control is okay. But when it comes to jumping sometimes it takes a few tries to jump somewhere. A lot of people have criticized the game including the Angry Video Game Nerd for the game being complicated when you have to get somewhere and the constantly respawning enemies. Well in fairness to others BOTH those issues don't seem as big to me, sure its trial and error to beat this game. But you get checkpoints in the game when all your turtles die, and respawning enemies as well as the problems with reaching areas isn't that big of a deal. If you really want it to be easier than that, then it isn't challenging which leads to it being not fun. 

Although to be critical I do think Raphael is the WORST choice of the turtles to use, you have to get really close to enemies and most of the time I got hit. He is pretty useless so I use him to defuse the bombs underwater. I think it is ridiculous that the enemies respawn when you go back to an area to get out of the level, and yet the powerup pizzas aren't there. But hey i'm willing to believe Ultra wanted to challenge gamers. The design of where you have to go as said before is kinda annoying, you can't control HOW MUCH you jump so you have to move the character at the right moment to get somewhere. Whether it be for a power up you can skip or a door you need to go through, you go into buildings and sewers but the At first you think you have to walk through the streets but really your supposed to just do it and find another sewer hole ASAP. Buildings above ground have no purpose gameplay wise, so if your health is always good, skip some of them. Some of these regular enemies become bosses where you have to beat them, that makes no sense. It's not a unique challenge and it accomplishes nothing because there are unique bosses. 

Overall this game is a classic, challenging game I am told by T.J. it might be remade although he isn't sure. I was enjoying this game more than I should have been by reviews by others, but I guess i'm just easier to please. 

I give it a 3 out of 5

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