Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Movie Review: Wolverine

Oh my, where to start? I won't complain about how much the film deviates from the source material. It's a movie and in adapting such material to the big screen somethings need to change. Lucky for me, even without this I still have a countless array of problems with Wolverine. Lets start with the fact that all of a sudden Wolverine has become a neutered house pet. The scenes in which Wolverine is trying to lead a normal life seem the most believable while the ones where he's trying to be animalistic end up feeling the most put on. Hugh Jackman gets by simply by being Hugh Jackman, charisma and all but fails at portraying the character that made him famous. 

When your main character fails to inspire the only hope left is that the supporting cast is interesting enough to hold the film together.  Sadly in the case of Wolverine this is mostly a disappointment. Most of the roles end up being glorified cameos with no one to really care about. Ryan Reynolds who plays Wade Wilson/Deadpool in the film gets a few good lines in towards the front of the film but then vanishes until the films climax. If there is one redeeming thing about Wolverine it is the performance by Liev Schreiber of Victor Creed. He plays the character with all the strength and confidence that sabretooth should have. Liev is believably intimidating in a way that Hugh only wishes he could be.  

Alright enough with the performances this is a summer blockbuster so lets get to the effects shall we. I love myself some good action but it has to be well executed. The film just wreaks of being rushed with some scenes looking right out cartoonish. In particular a scene where Wolverine is checking out his brand spanking new adamantium claws. The scene is meant to be about Logan discovering himself almost like a teenage boy. At least thats that I think was going on but honestly all I could look at was these ridiculous metal claws that took me straight out of the film. 

The problem with the action sequences in this film is that there is no point to them. Wolverine is virtually indestructible and the movie makes sure to repeat this over and over. The antagonist of the film Colonel Stryker even states this and yet they keep throwing more firepower in Logan's direction. We then learn that there is a certain way in which to defeat wolverine. Now here's a thought, how about you use that weapon first instead of sending countless soldiers and mutants to die and causing millions of dollars in damages? 

Overall Wolverine was quite a sad start to the summer movie season. The characters are bland and even a stand out performance by Liev Schreiber isn't enough to keep this film from sinking. Lackluster effects and pointless set pieces just eat away at what once was a thriving franchise. There has already been a sequel announced and a Deadpool spin-off, I hope they can turn the franchise around because I don't think I'll be in line if they continue in this direction.

2 out of 5

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