Friday, May 29, 2009

N+ Review on Xbox 360

A while ago Rob got me to buy N+, it was a free game online but needless to say the idea of multiplayer on N+ is about 80 percent of my motive to buy any game. I like playing with my friends plain and simple. 

Now about N+ in case you don't know the game its where you aim to reach a door or go back to your starting point after you activate a switch. Your time limit is never reset in this game so it depends on how fast you can scale the different rooms that have different archways and traps to kill you. You can jump in an anti gravity fashion when you hold the Green A button for a few seconds, yellow dots represent "gold" to increase your time limit in case you take time to reach your goal or simply want to add time. Up to four people are allowed.

The control is good, i'd imagine some will complain but when the control is designed to be sensitive to challenge you, especially since you can slide against walls and double your jump height if you build momentum. The thrill of it makes me love this game for how simple it is, and the challenges get harder. It starts slow with some gaps, then some enemies that try to kill you, bombs that try to home in on you. It's a really fun game, and it made me think whether it was worth paying for since its free online. Well they added more room designs and the multiplayer experience is enjoyable, when your friends mess up and you watch their body parts scatter and bounce as they hit bombs is more entertaining than it should be. 

This game is worth the money and worth trying, it's a game for when you don't want to really "get" into the game. It's simply a Point A to B adventure game that has that surreal feel, especially with the music that doesn't repeat too much I think. 

I give it a 3.5 out of 5

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