Sunday, June 28, 2009

Movie Review: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

When Transformers came to the big screen in 2007 I was skeptical but excited to see what Michael Bay was going to do with his adaption of the popular 80's cartoon. Those expectations were quickly put at ease with the films release. Action, adrenaline, and fun filled the first movie, yes it was flawed but it worked for me. After the first film I really wanted more so finally two years go by and look a that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is here.

It's hard to know how to go about this review, there's the whole critical point of view and then the fanboy point of view. Of course thats all bullshit, so lets just go with honest alright. I had a lot of fun with this movie, I don't think I enjoyed it as much as Star Trek but it was still enjoyable. I only wish the film could have moved along a little faster. While it starts fast it kind of just flutters around for a while. The last hour of the film definitely make up for it. It's pure all out Autobot and Decepticon war. Basically the film does everything the first film does x10. I hate making comparisons to films I haven't seen but from what I have heard this film feels a lot like Crank to Crank: High voltage as far as fans are concerned. The first was good but the second too much of a good thing.That seems to be the consensus when talking about Transformers 2.

I for one really enjoyed the action and didn't find it very hard to follow. I saw in in IMAX so I'm not sure if that may have helped but it was a lot of fun especially the big end desert battle. I don't wanna spend much time on the story because I really couldn't tell you what happened. Other then one or two points which I would consider spoilers there isn't that much of a plot to speak of. Sam is in college for about 30 seconds before he is swept away on an adventure. John Turturro returns and while I didn't enjoy him in the first film I really liked what he did in the second. He was still cartoonish but I just had a lot more fun watching him. The parents of Sam also were a lot of fun once again and had some great moments. Megan Fox while fun to look as isn't exactly fun to listen too. After about an hour in the film she has no purpose to be there anymore. One of the many flaws is that a lot of moments didn't need to be in there. it's a 2 hour 30 minute film and it could have been a lot better had about 30 minutes bin cut out. A good screenplay should always move the plot forward and here Transformers has trouble. The movie is a lot of explosive dumb fun regardless though so enjoy.

4 out of 5

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