Tuesday, June 30, 2009

PS3 to be backward compatible again?


So apparently software news has brought to light a cheaper and cost effective way to make the PS3's of the future be backwards compatible. I'm sorry but this makes no sense, PS3 fans have their PS3 already. Why didn't they do this when they removed backwards compatibility, I'm guessing they hoped it would just make PS2 owners go out and get a PS3.

But I really don't see the sense in doing this now, especially since now PS3 owners will feel deprived that they didn't keep backwards compatibility. I know a lot of PS3 owners are hounding down the original units that have the backwards compatibility, I mean it was great the PS3 was 400 bucks finally. But this news of essentially putting back the backwards compatibility but having to wait until they release the firmware is kind of lame.

Could it be an exclusive PS3 Slim addition? Hard to say.

Look I like that they are offering backwards compatibility again in the future, but I really don't see them offering you the chance to send yours in for backwards compatibility. And i'd laugh if somebody buys another PS3 for backwards compatibility, I don't have many games I want to play on the next console.

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  1. I feel like if they can afford to do it and keep the ps3 at the same price, then why not?
    not only would it give consumers a better value, but they'd most likely push a lot more units.

    personally, not having a backwards compatible ps3 is not that important for me, because I still have a very nice, very much working PS2 Slim...

    For many people, this would let them sell thier PS2 towards the purchase of a PS3... and I think that's really what Sony is striving for.

    Possibly the reason why they didn't do it earlier is because they didn't have the technoligy to do it cheaply... but now that they do, I see no reason why they shouldn't...