Saturday, July 4, 2009

300 sequel gaining headway

Snyder's 300 gets 301

Well I gotta say, I did like 300. And at least Frank Miller is making a book for them to base on for the sequel, seems like a good thing right.

Actually no.

Think about it, when Frank Miller made 300 with a friend. He never expected for his graphic novel to be picked up, now that he knows the world is waiting for him to make another book he's obviously going to cater to a "cinema flavor" which could hurt his writing ability.

Secondly, he's trying to possibly bring back Leonidas even though we clearly saw him and all of his main character's die. The movie didn't hold back anything for a possible sequel, so the talent of Snyder and the producers will be challenged as well.

Lastly, didn't Frank Miller just make a terribly reviewed movie called "The Spirit". Doesn't that indicate Miller might be going the route of George Lucas, yes I said it. That is what i'm afraid is going to happen here STORY WISE for a 300 sequel.

So with all those points I make, I hope they don't make a 300 sequel but if they do i'm hoping it doesn't suck.

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