Friday, July 3, 2009

Geek Secret

O hai, my name is Steph and I'd like to introduce the newest addition to Geeksquisite: Geek Secret!

Geek Secret, inspired by Post Secret, is a collection of anonymous e-postcards featuring your geek culture related secrets. Are you madly in love with Solid Snake? Is Basshunter constantly playing in your head? Do you feel the need to quote Futurama in daily conversations? Here is your chance to secretly admit your deepest secrets ... secretly.

Every Friday there will be a screened post (only we can see the comments) and there you will be able to post your 'secret' anonymously.

Here are the steps to creating and posting your secret:

1. Create an image to illustrate your 'secret' using MsPaint, Adobe Photoshop, or any other photo/image editing software. Make sure the image is about the size of a postcard. (Postcards are usually around 4x6 inches.)

2. The 'secret' must relate to anything geeky, nerdy, or dorky: video games, anime, pop culture, books, etc. It should be short and sweet (or bitter) and legible.

3. Once you have finished upload your image to ImageShack and send us an anonymous comment in the designated "Geek Secret Submission Post". (Please send us the direct link to the image and make sure to mention this is for Geek Secret in your comment.)

4. Please do not e-mail us your secrets!

This is our first Geek Secret Submission Post, so leave all comments in this thread!

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