Friday, July 3, 2009

Tech Review: Toki Tori (iPhone App)

If you enjoy working out puzzle with a game that has great graphics and cool sounds, this would be a game to look into. When I first saw this game I thought it was to be a little going to be a little childish and really easy, but I was bored so I got it. After a few levels, I was starting to get really entertained. There are all sorts of puzzles you need to work your way through. If there is a special object that you can use (such as putting down a bridge, introduced right after Level 1), it explains it to you before you start the game to make sure you use it right. It’s a very easy to navigate around the levels, from where ever you are, you just tap the location you want to go to and if you can get there with no obstacles blocking you, then it will go for you otherwise it will create a circle of X’s.

This game is really fun and easy to play, and after the first few levels I’m sure you will get almost addicted to it. I really enjoy it and play it a lot, maybe once a week. You can either buy the full version (Currently 80% off, selling at $0.99) or you can try the lite version in the App Store.

Game Raiting: 5/5

Get the full version: Toki Tori

Get the Lite Version: Toki Tori Lite

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