Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nintendo DSi: for new customers only

I am the proud owner of a Special Edition Mario DS Lite, and yet almost sold it because of the recession squeezing my wallet. Having said that I am hooked on Nintendo handheld gaming as I was with the Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Color, and Game Boy Advance before I gave up on their handhelds for a while.

There have been many scenarios where someone comments on my DS Lite saying "are you going to upgrade to the DSi?", I can easily say no to that. Because between the last gen DS and the new DSi the games are accessible to everyone, I never upgrade when the games are still available to me. It's a much different scenario than say the need to upgrade from a PS2 to a PS3, theres significant difference in those consoles than the three handhelds of the DS lifespan of the Nintendo handhelds.

So after reading THIS article, I'd like to offer my opinion on potential buyers of the DSi.

If you have a DS Lite, don't bother. Losing the GBA slot will hurt because some of those buyers who like to collect the older stuff. I will even go as far to say the "fit and finish" of the DSi is inferior to the DS Lite, and even though I have a Mario DS I envy other special editions of the DS Lite. The DS Lite also has alot more color choices than the DSi.

If you have the first gen DS I say don't feel rushed to buy the DSi, put slowly save up for it. And only do it if the download titles appeal to you.

So in regards to the DSi, only new customers of Nintendo should apply. Heck i'd probably do it  for a DS Lite though, make of it what you will.

Note: Sometimes I wish I kept the box for my DS Lite, but it got so ruined I wouldn't like keeping such a tattered thing >_<

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  1. My mother was actually asking me about the DS the other day. I think she wants to get one. If she brings it up again, I shall direct her to this article, amongst others, to help her with her curiosity.