Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Trailers of the Month: June 2009

Ed's Picks

1. Love Happens Trailer

Gotta say I only watched the trailer because I am a BIG Aaron Eckhart fan, and I was happy to see it wasn’t a waste of my time. Having someone who assures himself things are okay to have a new woman he likes break that cloud over his mind has many possibilities. Looks like it has some good humor moments with Eckhart’s character being famous, and hey Jennifer Aniston may be stopping her neurotic mess schtick I’m tired of.

2. 2012 Trailer

Alright, I have to say I don’t like apocalyptic films when the apocalypse is happening. Directors throw logic away plenty of times and make someone helpless with no hope boohoo. But the cast of John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Danny Glover, Thandie Newton (BAD!), and Woody Harrelson offers this movie a lot of diverse conflict with whatever disaster is happening. Emmerich had his lemon film with 10,000 BC last year, let’s hope he got back on track.

3. Amelia Trailer

I’m a fan of the story of Amelia Earhart, this may be a biopic, but a GLORIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL looking biopic. I was a big fan of Amelia Earhart in Night of the Museum 2, although OBVIOUSLY done by two different actors. This is the perfect time to bring out a movie that was the only highlight of another movie, and people wanted to see more of even when she was in that movie a lot. I’m predicting a good boxoffice, especially with yet another good cast list, I do want to know the whole story of Amelia Earhart even though Hollywood likely dramatized some things.

4. The Last Airbender Trailer

I watched the Nick Cartoon Series, awesome stuff. The teaser trailer showed what could be of the movie, it looks good. The music seems just right, the narration told all pretty close to the themes of the show, Noah looks good as Aang and the end scene is just so cool. With Nick devoting a good amount of money into this threesome of movies planned, It might be the best movie and maybe movies they ever slapped their logo on.

5. Toy Story 3 Trailer

Without John Lasseter directing, Disney Circle One animating this instead of Pixar, and the trailer pushing the idea of it having sooo many characters. This may be the most anticipated movie of 2010, even though there are some changes to the formula of the first two.

TJ's Picks

1. Shutter Island Trailer

Is the film directed by Martin Scorcese? Yes! Does it star Leonardo Dicaprio? Yes! The combination of these two has led to some of the best films of the last decade. Why should it fail now? It shouldn't! It's safe to say this film will be up for Best Picture next year so start getting pumped now. The trailer looks to be the most experimental Scorcese film in a long time so I'm really excited to see a master grow at his art.

2. Ponyo Trailer

Disney dubs for Studio Ghibli films are pretty good usually so this shouldn't be a case where the subtitles are a big deal. It's the visuals that fill this trailer that are just gorgeous. This is Miyazaki's first film since 2004's Howl's Moving Castle. To most people Miyazaki is Japan's Disney but I can assure you he's much more then that. I will be seeking this film out when it's released August 14th.

3. cold souls Trailer

This one is a tricky thing to judge, the last time a indie style film like this came out it was Scynecoche, NY and it was terrible although not for trying. I love the visuals and the atmosphere of the trailer and usually you can't go wrong with Paul Giamatti in a film. I'm excited but also very cuatious we'll have to wait and see.

4. Amelia Trailer

I haven't seen a Biopic I LOVED in a long time. They often are very good but just do the structure of the genre they all tend to be missing something. Cliff notes of someones life is not enough to sum up a person but I like that Amelia seems to be focusing on the latter part of her life mostly. It's a good start and I just love the cast of Hillary Swank and Richard Gere so here's hoping the movie lives up to the trailer.

5. 2012 Trailer

Roland Emmerich is one of those directors that people love to hate much like Michael Bay. I however love Independence Day and have pretty much gave him a career pass until 10,000 B.C. that is where I finally couldn't take it anymore. I really hope this film goes back to the fun action film I know Emmerich loves to give us. The trailer is packed wall to wall with great effects so it should be a good dumb time at the theater. Also note it never hurts to have John Cusack star in your film, he can do no wrong in my book.

As an honorable mention The Last Airbender would be on my list to but since it was just a teaser and I'm sure the full trailer will be on my list i thought i'd leave it off. So with that I hope you enjoyed our June 2009 trailers of the month.

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  1. Hmm, some good sounding trailers here...
    To The 'Tubes!
    Also, I never watched Avatar, but I saw the trailer the other day, and it looks pretty sweet. I'm gonna have to track down and see the TV series at some point.