Thursday, July 23, 2009

Alpha Protocol Impressions

You guys might not know this, but I'm pretty excited for Alpha Protocol. I've heard a lot of people giving it some flak for it's graphics, but it seems like the team is definitely focused on making a good game first and foremost. The graphics don't look horrible either, and are definitely comparable to something like Mass Effect. In this new developer walkthrough Matthew Rorie takes us through many different parts of the game... and personally, I'm more excited than ever!

One of the things he takes a look at is Customization, you'll be able to customize everything about your character, there's tons of different clothes, hairstyles, hats, glasses, beards. Sure, that's nothing new, but you'll also be able to customize your play style. If you want to be a stealthy character, sure. If you want to be a character who uses a lot of gadgets, sure! Wanna go in guns blazing? awesome. You can tailor your weapons and armor like never before, and also choose a good load-out based on how you want to tackle a mission.

The biggest RPG element of the game comes in the form of various stats you can level up throughout the game. The game works on a point-system and you'll disperse them into many different categories such as stealth, martial arts, hacking, etc. The game works much like KotoR in that after leveling up a skill enough, you'll get a new ability from it.

In the game, you can go between many different safehouses as well, which I find to be pretty damn cool. You travel to many different locations around the world, such as Moscow, Saudi Arabia, or Rome, and it looks so much like you're living the life of a secret agent.

Alpha Protocol is looking to be another quality RPG from Obsidian, and I'm definitely excited for it. Look for it in stores October 6th later this year.

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