Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New The Beatles: Rock Band Trailer

Hey guys wanted to share with you this new The Beatles; Rock Band trailer that just hit the web. The game shows off 8 new songs added to the 10 announced at E3 2009.

the new 8 songs:

Paperback Writer
Twist & Shout
Can't Buy Me Love
Eight Days A Week
Yellow Submarine
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Within You Without You

The biggest song here for me HAS to be Revolution. It's just simply one of the greatest written songs of all time. I'm honestly not a huge music efficienato but I know when I hear something important. I can't wait to be able to belt out this song and play the guitar and drum. Hell I should try it all at once...maybe?

The Beatles: Rock Band hits shelves 9/9/09 Enjoy.


Another 7 new songs also announced this morning.

Do You Want To Know A Secret
I Wanna Be Your man
And Your Bird Can Sing
With a little Help From My Friends
I Got a Feeling
Dig a Pony?

Gotta love seeing With a Little Help From My Friends. Another epic song bringing the total to 25 announced songs out of 45.

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