Friday, July 24, 2009

See AVATAR on August 21st

Announced at Comic-Con (a GREAT SITE for updates on James Cameron's Avatar)

Official Avatar Site (Went live yesterday)

I know I haven't posted anything about this movie on the site ore even talked about it that much. I promise you though that is going to change because what some might not know is that AVATAR is my most anticipated movie, maybe even more so then The Hobbit. This is going to cause a bit of a dilemma for me though with this latest news out of Comic-Con. There is the occasional movie where people say that no one has said anything bad about the film. This is the ultra rare case where that statement has actually rang true.

July 23rd at 4pm EST James Cameron took the stage at Comic-Con in Hall H to show 24 minutes of the movie AVATAR coming December 18th 2009. This is Cameron's first feature film since Titanic became the biggest movie of all-time in 1997. During the panel James Cameron announced "AVATAR DAY". Which will take place on August 21st. On that day The Trailer for the movie and game will be released as well as something that has never been done before. In select IMAX theaters across the country 15 minutes of the film will premiere in IMAX 3D...FOR FREE. An announcement on tickets and reservations will be announced in the near future.

This is incredible news and if you don't know what AVATAR is today I swear you will be singing it's praise by the completion of this year. This film has been placed to be the biggest influential blockbuster since Star Wars changed SCI FI over 30 years ago.

I mentioned a personal Dilemma before and that is "I REALLY WANNA GO ON AUGUST 21ST" the problem is I already know I will do whatever I can to see it in IMAX 3D on Opening night. So should I go in August and see a full 15 minutes of the movie and slightly diminish my first viewing of the movie in December. I honestly don't even wanna watch the trailer I think. I think I might even prefer not to see a single piece of moving footage until that magical night when the clock strikes 12. I will be struggling with this decision for the next 28 days as I way the pros and cons of this decision.

Help me decide below in the comments :)


  1. same with the Last Airbender, watch the trailer before you go insane.

  2. yeah I afraid of that. I don't think I should though