Tuesday, July 21, 2009

George Romero's Survival of the Dead

George Romero titles his next "Dead" film

I'm excited, although I can understand why some others are not. The first Romero movie I ever watched wasn't really even his movie, the remake of Dawn of the Dead by Zach Snyder was my intro into zombie movies. I happened to enjoy it and really need to watch Romero's original version, because its probably ten times better. That alone is amazing to imagine, but I really got to understand Romero when I watched a bit of Land of the Dead. I did not watch a lot of it, so I can't comment but I did finally get to analyze Romero somewhat with Diary of the Dead.

I know many people don't like this movie too much, I do though. Romero's writing really speaks to me, seeing as he addresses popular culture and makes me think. The ending line of Diary of the Dead really spoke to me, "are we worth saving, you tell me". Sure, some people are tired of the praise given to Romero. There is not many good horror movies out there, there really isn't. Before then I didn't care to watch zombie movies, now I have an unquenchable thirst for zombie movies. I really only care for Romero's because it's pretty sad when I watch something like 28 weeks later and I don't see the same vision. 28 weeks later made the zombies faster which looks stupid and impossible, and the logic leaps in most non Romero zombie movies annoys me. Look at Dead Snow and how stupid its cast seems, the cast of Diary of the Dead showed development, breaking points.

I'm gonna really hunt down Romero's works and watch them, I am going to see this new one. Romero isn't flawless, but I like that he took risks with Diary of the Dead's filmmaking style and showed inventive zombie encounters. Seeing Diary of the Dead made me want to give him another chance.

So for all you zombie fans who wait for Romero's next work, praying he lives beyond his 72 years, don't miss out on Survival of the Dead which returns to the classic film making techniques instead of what Diary gave us.

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  1. Ed, watch Dawn of the Dead...like...tomorrow. It is one - and I say this as a very critical person - maybe the best film every made. It is two and a half hours in its full length and phenomenal. So from this critical perspective, and to essentially give you an idea of how worthwhile the original Dawn is, I thought the remake was absolute crap. Also, please watch all of his films in order to piece together the complex puzzle Romero builds. Almost each movie references one of the others and if you pay attention, there are a *lot* of subtleties. I know it sounds a bit extreme to comment on what you said about him not being perfect, but I think if one watches all of them repeatedly and pays attention to all the subtext, it gets pretty darn close.