Friday, August 7, 2009

Bioshock at the Beach

Hey guys I just wanted to post this to let everyone know that early this morning in about 7 hours or so me and a few other authors are gonna be heading to Jones Beach. In order to see what this whole Bioshock 2 viral marketing thing is all about. We aren't sure what we will be seeing but we're going in prepared bringing a video camera and a few still cameras. From what I've been hearing around the web it seems like a good amount of gamers are gonna be going so it should be a cool outing.

I'm praying we get to play a demo but I kinda doubt that. Some free shwag could be cool? I've been hearing some rumors that since there are 10 locations all around the world that we will probably just be getting a piece of the puzzle to something and that all 10 together will give us something. Either way it should be fun and probably going to meet some of the guys from Kotaku and other New york based gaming sites.

A few things to expect on the site in the following days would be a video of our trip if I can get that to happen. Don't hold me to the video though. We will definitely have photos on the site and a wrap up of the event and what went down. Other then that I'm not sure because we don't know what will happen just yet. Anyway keep checking on the site this weekend because there should be some cool stuff for you.

Location Info:

Where: Jones Beach
When: 5:58 Am August 8th

If anyone is going wants to meet us or anything just look for TJ who you can recognize from the youtube videos. A bunch of us are Here too. So look out for us or just yell out Geeksquisite on the top your lungs whatever suits you.

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