Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Software Review: AIM MusicLink

AIM MusicLink is software you can download to use with AIM. It will automatically display songs for you in your status message box. You can also broadcast these messages to your friends if you so wish to.

In my review, I was using version 4.1, and was running on a PC with Windows Vista 32-bit. The program can only be run on Windows XP or higher, there isn't any Linux or Mac versions yet. The program has some small customization options you can access if you go to the plugins menu and click on "AIM MusicLink Preferences". Some of the options include switching the song and artist positions, inserting the songs into your profile, logging the songs you've listened to, sharing music while you're away, automatically checking for updates, and more.

Overall, the program has a lot of customization options for something that's freeware, and it works great, as well. you can get the latest version of AIM MusicLink for free by clicking here.

Overall, I give AIM MusicLink a 5 out of 5

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