Monday, August 3, 2009

Digital Game Distribution: Should it Happen?

link that sparked this train of thought

In terms of digital distribution, I was a fan of the idea. But to change our buying of games from stores to the internet isn't something I like at all. I actually have digital games from Xbox Live Arcade that I regret buying, and what happens is that I'm stuck with it.

Imagine if the current generation could only buy games online, well that really sucks for all of them except the 360 since you only have so much room. But really, do you want a future where you have stacks of Xbox 360 Hard Drives with all your games on them? I don't. And I want Nintendo Wii and PS3 with their games in the future, I can just imagine if digital distribution becomes the only option and you have a list on ebay of the games on the Nintendo Wii or the PS3. That would mean you could never get every game without doing something as stupid as buying another console.

Sure, all the consoles might have detachable hard drives in the future. But i've overlooked the fact highlighted in the article that digital sales can't be returned. I'd like to free myself of the less than satisfying library of games I won't like, the ebay era with classic games and resale of current games for a bargain. That would change dramatically with digital distribution if it becomes favorable, heck I miss the days of game cartridges.

So as far as i'm concerned, don't invest in digital distribution alot.

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