Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Scream 4: will it work out?

Williamson is coming back

I am a Scream fan, I love the original one because it had an interesting concept and a good cast. Scream was a horror fanboy's horror, as the second one came out I was a little annoyed with the movie for small production issues. It was okay, the third one isn't liked by everyone and I admit its vastly inferior. Considering it was not penned by Kevin Williamson I consider it a different movie from the first two, and in its own right it was a guilty pleasure.

Now, almost 10 years later we will be seeing a Scream 4 with most of the cast returning and now with Kevin Williamson writing it. Good, going back to the roots is the best way to make another movie I want to see. Already I am psyched over the Alien prequel now that Ridley Scott has returned. Williamson notes the undecided return of Wes Craven and Neve Campbell's refusal to be involved.

Scream 4 would not work if these cast members came back, heck it probably wouldn't work if they all came back if they couldn't reprise their roles in the original spirit of the franchise. Williamson notes that they will wait till Neve Campbell is done with the show she is in before they consider filing the movie, and polish the script while waiting. Good moves in my opinion, and because of them making such careful moves I hope they get everyone back and make a decent horror sequel.

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