Monday, August 3, 2009

Geeksquisite Question of the Day #25: 8/3/09

This question came to me when talking to my friend Jay about the prices of MMOs. We were quite interested in the Chinese fee system.

Question #25: Would you prefer to pay the standard monthly subscription fee or pay per hour for an MMO?

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  1. Okay, when you play an MMO you're usually devoting most of your time to it or at least a large chunk of time, so paying by the hour is a little strange. It really depends on the game in the end.
    I paid monthly for Ragnarok because I knew I would be playing for a month, but I was always unsure if I'd continue the next month and for WoW I paid for every 3 months in advance. (I played A LOT of WoW.)

  2. Well I guess it depends on the prices. Its kind of like Xbox Live Gold you can either pay Yearly ($49.99), Monthly ($7.99) or for three months ($19.99). So you could either pay the $49.99 per year or the Monthly (Yearly your paying $95.88) or the Three Months (Yearly your paying $79.96). So back to what I was saying, it depends on what they offer.

  3. I'd actually do it by the hour, I dont get alot of time individually to play all my games. However, like Ricochet says I gotta know the price.

  4. Yeah, if the prices are equal then i'd rather pay per hour...
    if i'm getting a discount by paying per month, and the game is something i'll be playing a lot of, then i'll pay per month.