Monday, July 27, 2009

Dead Space Movie

See who's directing

I've had mixed signals regarding video game movies, all of them suck. The Gears of War movie recently made it back onto my list to possible see, now that the idea of Dwayne Johnson as Marcus Fenix is gone. The Bioshock movie by Gore Verbinski is moving, but is halfway near development hell with budget concerns. Now there is talk over a Dead Space movie, since I have been itching to get a game copy for the last year I am EXTREMELY INTERESTED in a movie. Even better, the director of the movie has been named as D.J. Caruso who made movies such as Disturbia and Eagle Eye. I happen to enjoy these movies and shortly have become a D.J. Caruso fan, having him direct a Dead Space movie is a good match in my opinion.

The developers are seeking a writer, *cough* Joss Whedon *cough*, nah doubt that. But I am excited nonetheless about this movie, because someone I actually like is making the movie. Yes, I liked Gore Verbinski's first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, the next two sucked so my enthusiasm for his directing of Bioshock isn't there. And I don't know the helming director of the Gears of War movie, I put my support behind Caruso to make a good Dead Space movie.

The Dead Space world is pretty gritty, and there is a lot of room for improvement in the story for writers to make it better. So an adaption would probably work really well. *crosses fingers*

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