Thursday, July 30, 2009

Brutal Legend might be Delayed?!

Not for the same reason as other games

Okay, if you don't get why they are suing the developer even though they gave up on the game, I will make it very simple. Think Fox and the Watchmen case, Activision is exploiting loopholes for its gold digging pleasure. Now recently we got news that the judge threw out their case

Take that Activision

Of course they will appeal this, but unlike the Watchmen/Fox case there was no victory in the preliminary case and lets hope there isn't. There are way too many games being delayed, and I know people are excited for the game. I recently became interested in the game, very interested, and now Activision is trying to cash in. No offense to Activision but....

*insert cursing rant here*

What is odd about the game being delayed is that its mostly because they want to make money on it but I guess delaying it will make EA want to settle and give Activision a piece of the profits. Well, I hope Activision wastes their money on the lawyers that lose this case.

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