Saturday, August 1, 2009

Trailers of the Month: July 2009

ED's Picks

Toy Story 1 and 2 3D Trailer
What a cool idea it is to release these fantastic movies together, I can’t say more than that about the movie. But jeez, over 3 hours with 3D glasses sounds disorienting. Well, you can’t beat the value of two great Pixar movies for one ticket price.

Despicable Me Trailer
When I saw this was CGI I thought to myself, non Pixar equals fail. But the trailer was actually very entertaining, especially with the trampoline effect on the “fake” pyramids. Throw in Steve Carell as a bad guy for this comedy and I was smiling at the idea of this movie. Maybe I’ll see it.

Carriers Trailer
This one I picked purely because I like to see how far humanity will go to ensure its survival and I am curious to what this virus is. Sounds like another 28 days later, which is in essence a zombie movie, if that’s the case sign this zombie movie fan up. Horror movies haven’t really worked lately, so this one is up in the air for me.

Alice In Wonderland Trailer
I am not a Tim Burton fan, I love Beetlejuice and Batman is okay but beyond that I don’t care for much of his work. And yet, this movie looks wonderful. Johnny Depp is fun to watch, and the way the rabbit acted made me look forward to his scenes.

The Book of Eli Trailer
I grew to love Denzel Washington as an actor, but movies such as Déjà vu haven’t helped that. Book of Eli looks like a great role for him, having Gary Oldman supporting doesn’t hurt either. I’m also curious what the story will be like.

TJ's Picks

The Fantastic Mr. Fox Trailer

I honestly don't know much about this movie. It's based on a Roald Dahl children's story but thats the extent of my knowledge. The biggest draw for me is the animation style. Some might think it would be Wes Anderson but I have to admit I have never really cared for his movies. The style here is really easy on the eyes and it really refreshing.

Hot Tub Time Machine Trailer

Craig Robinson and John Cusack in the same movie, need I say more? And There is a HOT TUB TIME MACHINE!!!

Alice in Wonderland Trailer

I do believe Tim Burton is overrated BUT not by that much. I mean the man is NO James Cameron but he is still has some dam good movies. Alice is a perfect world for Tim to work in. Also the Cheshire cat looks AMAZING.

World's Greatest Dad Trailer

I miss the days of Robin Williams being funny. I also love it when he gets deep dramatic roles. This movie looks like it might have the best of both Robins. So i'm really excited to see how this one unfolds.

The Book of Eli Trailer

The story so far isn't interesting at all to be honest.But I like Denzel and I like kick-ass action and this movie looks like it will have both. It's been a fairly weak month for trailers so I'll let this one get on the list.

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