Wednesday, July 29, 2009

XBLA summer pack, get back virtual money

Buy $70 worth and get $10 back

Well as the article suggests, Microsoft is trying to sweeten the deal by having you buy all the summer Xbox Live Arcade releases totaling 70 bucks. Then they will give you back 10 dollars worth of Microsoft points, anyone who goes for this deal is getting ripped off.

Think about it, August is the month we spend our money on last minute stuff for school. $70 goes a long way there and for them to say we'll give you $10 bucks back makes no economical sense in terms of value. I have a hard time believing a good amount of people would want all those games in the pack, so basically if you spend early you get a game you didn't really care about.

If Microsoft can haggle like this, how about for one week they take all those summer hits and drop them all to 800 points. That's probably millions of dollars in PROFIT they will make in that week, but assuring us we'll get a game we likely don't want for free doesn't make me want to go for this deal.


  1. I really don't see your point. I do want all these games. Maybe Except Trials but if I get the 10 bucks then it's practically free. So who cares.

  2. I'm with Ed on this one... there's one or two games that I could care less about... and forcing me to buy them so I can get 10 bucks back it stupid.

    However, if I was already planning on purchasing all the games than this is an excellent idea.

    I don't see this attracting many new purchasers in, but it'll make the people who were already gonna buy all the games happier, which is still somewhat good, cause then the majority of them will be in good standing with Microsoft.