Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Splinter Cell Conviction delayed

Splinter Cell joins 4 or 5 other games


Now to be fair the Younger article states that work was STILL being done on the game, implying that delaying it would help that.

That is fine, but honestly after looking at Ubisoft's comments that they want the game to be enjoyed by all I just throw my hands up and declare stupidity. For some developers, the lack of many competitive games would make Splinter Cell an easy choice.

All i'm looking forward to is Shadow Complex and Modern Warfare 2, as many others are. But Splinter Cell could easily fit in to the Holiday rush instead of pushing back to 2010, doing so puts them with the 4 or 5 other games going in that area. So Ubisoft is taking a risk by trying to mix with other games, it is going to hurt sales somewhat. However how much it hurts sales is a dangerous scenario considering how many games moved to 2010 before this game, oh well.

Face it, this is a tough economy and people are limiting their gaming choices, how loyal is the Splinter Cell fanbase in these economic times?

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