Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shadow Complex Release Date


Hooray it turns out there was a release date I didn't know about for Shadow Complex, the game will release on August 19th!

Perfect timing i'd think, people wait till the last minute to grab their school stuff and in my case college stuff. What better way to salute the end of summer than by playing one of the most anticipated games of E3. Shadow Complex is also the first of E3's promises for new gaming entertainment that hasn't gone the route of many games pushed to 2010.

Sad thing is, people have been hyping how the game CAN be beaten in under two hours. Why would you want a single player game to be over in just two hours? Why do people have to ruin the game by hinting at shortcuts that make us feel more dumb for taking longer to finish the game. I regretted blowing through Ghostbusters as fast as I did, thankfully still having professional difficulty to replay it in.

Enjoy this game, because it is sure to be a blast.

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