Sunday, September 20, 2009

All Points Bulletin Gameplay Trailer Impressions

I recently saw this new APB trailer from this year's PAX. The game has kind of been an intriguing concept in the back of my mind, and I was hoping they could pull it off right. Seeing as how I haven't played the game yet I guess I'm still hoping they can, but after seeing this trailer I'm pretty re-assured.

Everythinig n the trailer just feels right. The characters and the cars look to have the level of customization from something like Saints Row, while the graphical style reminds me of GTA IV. The humor is there with the dancing part at the end, and the combat looks to be very satisfying, and seems to have some level of strategy to it.

The music is probobly my favorite part of the trailer, not because the rest of the trailer looks bad or anything, but just cause it's some sick-ass electronica groove. In fact, if they keep it up, the soundtrack might even go so far as to rival the Jet Set Radio soundtrack.

For anybody who's interested the name of the song is "Gimme That Punk" by Audio Bullys. Oh, and here's the kickass music video for it:

Be sure to look for more infromation on All Points Bulletin in the coming months and in stores when it's released in Spring of 2010.

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