Monday, September 21, 2009

Halo: Legends Footage Premiered. Does the Horror Continue?

I've been more then vocal about my thoughts on what I consider the total basterdization of the Halo franchise. Well we finally have some footage and no it isn't a trainwreck but it also doesn't mean this piece of shit still shouldn't exist. The animation quality is pretty good but there is still something wrong about seeing Master Chief in japanimation and ODST soldiers with spiky hair. The one thing that makes this footage tolerable is that there are no little girls with teddy bears in sight. Don't be fooled though that footage will be in the final film, as shivers run down my back. I dread and eagerly await the release of this film.

Please let me know your thoughts either here or in todays question of the day.


  1. well that ended abruptly... is that how it ended on TV? weird.