Monday, September 21, 2009

Geek Gadgets: The USB Ashtray!

The USB port is becoming one of the most widely used physical ports on the everyday computer. So much so, that cool little toys you didn’t even think you’d need or existed are being developed for your USB drive. In this series, I will call “Geek Gadgets,” I will dive into this world of craziness to see what I can find. The only restriction as to what I will talk about is the gadget MUST be a USB device.

Today’s gadget is the USB Ashtray. Whilst looking for just cool things to get I found this little useful toy. The device is a legitimate ashtray that is tastefully shaped like a car. Although I do not personally smoke, I can see how this can be useful. It would bug the hell out of me is my multi-thousand dollar laptop reeked of cigarette (or “other” smoking related item).

The little plastic car with a fan to make smoke disappear from your room (and not make everything smell) uses the USB drive OR 2AA batteries as its power source. It is also relatively small (Only taking the desk space of about an IPod). It also has a removable ashtray so you don’t have to remove the whole assembly when you need to get rid of your ashes.

For $17.00, this is a great buy. To all the smokers out there, this one is for you! Interested in buying? Here's the website.

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