Monday, September 21, 2009

Indiana Jones 5 news

Well, even though I did not see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull I have heard many negative things about it, especially about the "nuclear fridge" and the Aliens. Who the &*%$ puts Aliens in Indiana Jones, apparently George Lucas does and since he's making the Indiana Jones 5 script i'm empathetic for the next movie.

Thing is, I STILL haven't watched the 4th before I totally pan the 5th movie, but for all of you who have seen the movie here's something to interest you about Indiana Jones 5. Remember Indy's father, who is supposed to be retired from acting?

well, maybe that is not the case anymore.

Sean Connery in Indy 5, i'd like to see that. ALOT. I have to see Indy 4 now to get a better opinion of the current state of the Franchise, but if Connery is going to be on screen alot I would certainly go see that. However, let us not forget this is a negotiation stage, and it may not happen.

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