Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Microsoft Announces Natal Partners

Here is the list

On that list, I note possibilities I want to see.

EA: Right now the only game published by them that I care about is Valve's Left 4 Dead, I want EA to give a Natal development kit to Valve. Wouldn't it be awesome as hell to motion control claw at people you smoke or hunt, I'm liking the idea. And since Left 4 Dead is only on Xbox (yeah yeah PC too), it's likely they will try Natal.

Activision: *hate this company* Well let's see, will they make Modern Warfare 3? If they do, it'd be nice to throw a knife at someone by motion control. Or throw a grenade, or pretend you have a satchel detonator in your hand. You guys get the idea.

Disney: Hold a Mickey Mouse doll in front of Natal and get an acheivement. Lulz.

MTV Games: They are involved with Rock Band, how about having the avatar mimic how you react while holding the guitar?

That's some of my ideas but take the news as you will of who's involved, including Hideo Kojima.

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