Friday, August 21, 2009


Got a chance to see the 15 minute preview and it was quite mind blowing at times. There are some shots that seriously look like a guy in a latex suit like Abe Sapian sort of but it’s all 100% CGI. It might even look a bit more real because latex suits do have certain look to them and I think the skin on the aliens is incredible. The one thing that kept throwing off the reality of them was the eyes because they aren’t proportioned like humans. Seriously though like 5 minutes into the footage I didn’t see it anymore. This is the best CG I’ve seen especially for every single thing in the frame being CG. Everyone states Benjiman Button or Davy Jones or Gollum but they were just 1 single character. Here the screen is simply filled to the brim with effects and most of them do look photo real. It’s extremely impressive. For me the weakest part were a few of the Dragon shots but there were others where I actually felt like I could touch it. So I will admit it’s a tiny bit uneven but it’s much further then I’ve seen movies go before.

I totally see why the trailer has been disappointing people but trust me the 3D and the size have a lot to do with it. There is SOOOOOO much detail in the skin of the Na’vi that you just can’t see on a 2 inch face on a computer screen. Is it safe to lower your expectations a bit from it being 100% real, yes. But it’s not the huge disappointment a lot of people seem to think it is based off the internet trailer. I’d say they are really far along, they just need to work on the eyes a bit but everything else was incredible.

And of course I have to mention the 3D. It’s not 3D like you think of 3D, it’s extremely realistic I would say. Most of the time when you see 3D your aware of it, and I won’t say I wasn’t at all aware because duh I was seeing a 3D movie with ridiculous looking glasses. It was pretty close, when I came home I looked at angles of entering rooms and such just to compare. It was weird but the 3D in the footage felt super natural, nothing jarring. The only part where it was a bit tough was in the jungle chase scene with this like space panther thing. I think I was a bit too close to the screen so that might have been the issue, very ungimmicky 3D.

A Few quick thoughts:

I'd like to see a shot of live action humans interacting with the Na’vi. That is something we don't really get to see much of in the footage aside from a small clip of Jake Sully waking up in his Avatar form. I think they could have got a few nay sayers by showing more footage of them interacting.

Some of the creatures like the space rhino need some more work. It didn't look all that convincing. The space panther thing was easily the most impressive of the creatures showing. I can't wait to see it again.

The backgrounds and landscapes are practically perfect. I mean maybe a special effects artist could tell what was going on but it looked real to me.

I was amazed with the amount of detail in every single frame of the film. There is so much that I think people are pointing out the 1 or 2 things that don't quite look right and forgetting about the 1 million others that look perfect. A part of that uncanny valley I assume.

The dialogue in a few parts was a bit off, but it was also out of context so maybe all together it will work out just fine.

So there you have it December 18th 12:01 Am I will be in line for AVATAR and I think you should be too.

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