Wednesday, August 19, 2009

GC 09: Fable 3 Debut Trailer

It isn't much but it is the debut trailer of one of my favorite games of last year. As explained in the trailer Albion has no king, so guess you gets to rule, you. As is usual with the Fable series the game relies on your choices to be good or evil. While they worked in 2, at a certain point it just became a game of balancing different meters.

Not a ton to talk about from this trailer except to say I'm excited to be seeing anything from a sequel so soon. I also wouldn't be surprised if the game implements Project Natal in some way. Peter Molyneux has been so out spoken about Natal that it would be really surprising to me for it not to be involved in some way. Expecially when Peter was already working with the Natal Dev kit just a few months after Fable 2's release. So Fable 3 should be early enough in it's production for them to work with Natal. So I am really curious to see where they take the series.

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