Wednesday, August 19, 2009

GC 09: Dead Nation

The look of this game really doesn't make me want to buy it, I can't since I don't have a PS3..yet. But really, an overhead view for a zombie game, theres no satisfaction if you can't be level with the insane creatures and watch them go down. In my opinion, if your even CONSIDERING buying a zombie game, wait for Left 4 Dead 2, because I would be frustrated with the shooting in this game. It's one thing to have an overhead view but its another that you could miss lone zombies running at you. Theres no targeting reticle, and the overhead view might warrant occassional misfires where you shoot PAST the zombie.

Dead Nation and Left 4 Dead are different games in terms of gameplay execution, and I haven't had hands on experience, but where is the thrill if your watching from overhead instead of being down at the level of your player having half dead people running at you.

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