Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brutal Legend Demo Release Date

We just couldn't wait," Double Fine president Tim Schafer said in a press release

Brutal Legend is turning out to look very good, and hopefully Activision will fail to delay it. But on September 17th we will get to pass judgement on the game and whether it guarantees a buy from some of us. The amount of excitement and hype over the game itself and the fight to delay it by Activision has made this the game of October to check out the demo for.

Get ready for chaos xD that feels oh so right.


  1. Holy crap, great find ED. I had no idea this was happening thats awesome. WOOO!

  2. oh man! YES!
    This is such a good move! I definitely think this game will sell better than any Tim Schafer game before. Which is good, cause Tim Schafer deserves to have good sales numbers, instead of just good review scores.