Thursday, August 20, 2009

Geeksquisite Question of the Day #42: 8/20/09

This question came to me when thinking about Games Convention 2009 in Germany.

Question #42: If you could only go to 1 convention for the entire year and cost wasn't a question where would you go?

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  1. Tokyo Game Show, no doubt.
    Not only is it always amazing and crazy, but i'd also get to visit Japan, which i've always wanted to do.

  2. Normally I would say Sand Diego Comic-Con but I think Rob hit this one right on the head, well done. I kinda prefer Comic-Con because I'm totally a movie guy as you all well know but I can't pass up a week or two in Japan.

  3. Pixar has a classic car convention every year, what could be better than chatting with some of the greatest minds of CG animation and showing off my delorean to them xD on the front lawn of their corporate front lawn.