Monday, August 17, 2009

White Chicks...2?!

^^^Pretenders with no talent

Wayan's still don't realize they suck

Okay I admit it, I saw the original movie and before I understood the art of film I enjoyed it. But learning over time the values of cinema, White Chicks is actually an abomination of sad comedy attempts. I understand it did okay in the box office tallies but the movie scarred me for life with the gross, disgusting look of the Wayan's brothers pretending to be white women. That I couldn't ignore.

And the Wayans have gotten worse with each movie, one thing they do that shocks the hell out of me is they cater to a lot of stereotypes but they also are actually trying to be meaningful in their movies. And I mean that in the humorous degree because its one sad group of brothers trying to consider themselves professionals. It's one thing to actually try to be meaningful in a movie in the style they have, but don't even get me started on how bad Dance Flick looked. Geez, a sequel though.

Very few sequels ever come as close to the original, and the first one was bad enough that a sequel would probably be worse than...anything. I hope this movie fails badly at the box office because these guys get to do what so many others deserve instead of them. The Wayans made the terrible Scary Movie and they are cut from the same cloth as the makers of Epic Movie. Get these idiots out of the business, I hope the box office for them is as bad as Delgo, which is ironic because Delgo is probably ten times better than White Chicks and it did TERRIBLE.

Moral of the story, avoid any movie made by the Wayan's brothers.

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  1. O come on edd i saw that movie with u it was freakin hilarious