Wednesday, August 19, 2009

GC 09: Heavy Rain Trailer Impressions

Heavy Rain has recently released a new trailer at GC 2009, you guys can check it out below:

Heavy Rain seems to be looking better and better every time I see it, and the last time we saw the game, at E3, it looked incredibly innovative. Is it just me, though, or do the graphics look even a little more crisp than they did then?

Either way, in the trailer, they reveal a new character that hasn't been shown before. Now, my first thought was that this was one of the four main characters the developer has talked about. However, after getting deeper into the trailer, I'm starting to think that maybe this guy is the killer? He's running from the police, saying how far he'll go for love, looking at the origami killer headlines on the newspaper in disgust... It all seems to make him look like the killer.

If that's so, and he IS the killer, I'm a little confused as to why they're showing his face this early, and then it hit me. What if one of the four main characters WAS the killer?! This would be ingenious! You could view the story from multiple character's perspectives, it would make a deep contrast between the characters, and possibly blur the line between right and wrong. Not only that, but it would definitely give the story even more depth than what people are already expecting.

Look for Heavy Rain when it's released for the PS3, Early 2010.

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