Thursday, August 20, 2009

PS3 Slim: the good and the bad

There's a price to pay for the slimmed PS3, yes its the same price as the big PS3 which seems ridiculous, but there are rumors that there will be a firmware download for the Slim to give it BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY. That would make it worth the buy, but people like me need to have a vertical standing console. Sony sells a STAND for the PS3 slim that is 24 dollars. Yes I am not kidding, 24 dollars for a stand. So before you immediately forget getting the slim due to that BS, check this out:

It's still stupid, but hey, you can choose the bigger one if you so wish or cringe as it wobbles on your table. As for what's good about the Slim, well there are actual buttons on it now and the hard drive is removable.


  1. I still think the slim looks like crap... just asthetically.

    it doesn't have the nice polish like the original did.

  2. ya i agree with u.....