Monday, June 8, 2009

Dragonball Evolution sequel to come


As much as most fans will hate this, Dragonball Evolution has a confirmed sequel coming. 

I had hoped the first movie would be good, but the consensus is that it sucks. And with the recession I wasn't about to waste my money on movies like this one, i've never cared what someone else thinks about this movie. But if the reviews are bad, i'll wait till it's on TV and I can watch without supporting negative movies like this. 

Having said that, I was under the impression that the movie's budget was 100 million dollars and only made a combined 55 million in box office revenue. So I knew this movie was done for. Um apparently not because now it gets a sequel, yes the advertising for this movie was next to non existent but apparently from the mostly unknown acting crew the movie didn't cost alot to make. I guess that's true, and makes sense considering the cheeziness in the trailer. 

Chatwin and Marsters actually want 7 dragonball movies, I don't. If they want to fund the movie themselves, go right ahead. But I gotta say, for how much the first movie apparently sucks, get a new director who is more known. MAYBE they could make it better, but as is, the crew for Dragonball Evolution failed IMO. 

No matter what, this news sucks. 


  1. the budget was 45 million. Originally 100 but they scaled it down. The film made 55 million internationally. So even though the movie failed in the US the film still made profit.

  2. Oh bliss, a sequel. Hasn't Hollywood raped my childhood enough? They're the second biggest Childhood-rapers on the planet (the first being the internet). Ah well. I think I'll go see the second one, just so I can savage it on my blog, and feel like a big man.

    Ooh, and speaking of Dragonball, there should be a new Dragonball Kai episode out today. Hopefully they've uploaded the good sub this time. Dragnew, AWAY!

  3. You have no right to give any review on whether DB E sucks or not if you have not seen it.