Saturday, June 13, 2009

Left 4 Dead 2 Hopes

I've been excited for Left 4 Dead 2, there I said it angry L4D fans :)

I only bought Left 4 Dead a month ago, and I might sell my first one after getting the second one. And I don't care, Left 4 Dead is just simply that good.

Now while I enjoy Left 4 Dead immensely, i'm focusing on the future of the sequel. From trailers, extended demos and the like, it looks good. New weapons, maps, zombie types, and characters. All good stuff, but there are a few things i'm hoping will or will not happen.

For one thing the blood looked a lot more like ketchup, not a big deal but that will seem a bit cheezy. Maybe they'll fix that.

A more forward hope is that they lower the respawn time when your on the zombie team, 30 seconds IS too long. trim it down to 20 seconds, and it will save a lot of frustration for gamers.

Lastly, It'd be kinda cool to have the four survivors fight zombies while DRIVING through town. You can shoot, whack as you pass and in the driver's case, ram them.

Those are my hopes, can't wait to see what else the game will have.


  1. I still feel like instead of making a whole new game, they could of just made an expansion for the first game.

  2. I'll buy it day 1. But I agree with Rob. I would have preferred a 20 dollar DLC package like Lost and the Damned for GTA IV.