Friday, June 12, 2009

Natal May Be More Than You Bargained For


"On this week's Listen Up podcast we discussed Natal, and David Ellis and I talked about what we've been hearing regarding the new technology -- and how it's actually the cornerstone of Microsoft's next evolution of the Xbox. Microsoft will not only release Natal as an add-on for the Xbox 360, it will come standard with the next Xbox console.

Yes, there will be a new Xbox console next fall."

Okay, first of all this is a rumor. BUT if its true, then Fall 2010 will bring us a new Xbox console. At first, I cried outrage and got mad..then I started thinking a Fall 2010 console would be a GOOD IDEA. Let's face it, the Xbox 360 won't be a classic collectors item with the RROD pains it gave us. But now it seems stupid to buy Natal in the spring when you can just wait till the new console comes out.
Once again, this is rumour right now. But i'm thinking its probably true, because Natal looks nothing like the Xbox 360, gaming peripherals USUALLY mimic their console's color and style. Natal didn't, so im better this will be confirmed later on.

The fact that I believe that a new console will come, I'm going to wonder what the price will be. Xbox is REALLY coming early with a new console, it will be a while before the others make a new one. And if they don't they will very likely price cut now, so if the new Xbox is around 400 dollars I'd probably go for it.

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