Sunday, June 7, 2009

What is with the flaming around Michael Bay?

Recently on IGN I found THIS article with Shia defending Michael Bay's style of filmmaking. 

Seriously, I'm getting tired of this. Michael Bay is a filmmaker, you take the plunge to specifically see his movies, or more recently you are a Transformer fan who wants to see a live action movie sequel. Michael Bay is in no way, shape or form the best director out there. 

But his success, his HUGE success with the first Transformers movie has got movie purists in a twist of hate towards him. Alot of the time these fans talk about vision, and the fact that Michael Bay likes to blow stuff up and have hot women. Oh, so we're cave men then?  *sigh* I can understand the hatred towards Friedburg and Seltzer's terrible movie parodies. I can even tolerate criticism of people like Uwe Boll who is an idiot for not taking criticism.

Michael Bay is none of these, his vision is not subdued in fear of his critics and he doesn't pour over his negative critics to discredit them. Transformers just worked for him because it was originally for kids and was adapted for all levels of people while staying true to the original series. Michael Bay is good in my book because he's not trying to be something he's not, under the executive producing guidance of Steven Speilberg and his growing record of movies, things changed for Bay. 

Blowing stuff up and his taste for action melds well for Transformers, Michael Bay hasn't made enough movies to be a visionary on the scale of names like James Cameron, or Speilberg. But he made a very enjoyable Transformers movie that wasn't all jokes, it glorified the transformers. The upcoming sequel is supposedly more darker with Michael Bay signatures, and you could be seeing worse movies than his. Trust me.

No, Michael Bay isn't one of my favorite directors by any stretch. He just happens to do Transformer's adaption well. 


  1. I'm not a Michael Bay fan by any stretch of the imagination. Pearl Harbour was awful, Armageddon was merely average,and the Island, while having it's moments, will never be one of my favourite movies, even though it has Ewan McGregor in it.

    But yeah, Transformers, he did well. It was just explosive enough, and funny enough to be a good adaptation and,what's more, it was respectful of the source material. And really, when it comes to adaptations, what more could you want?