Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Day that earned the Geeksquisite Stamp :)

While at a car show today (OOOWW MY SUNBURN!), there was a swap meet down the road. So of course I was curious if they had classic gaming gear for me to grab. I went through so many vendors and say nothing besides PS2 stuff, which didn't interest me. So we go farther into the swap meet until a friend of mine who came with his dad (Jeff) told me he saw NES stuff way back. It was nice of him to show me where it is. 

I only grabbed a few games thinking they were a few bucks a piece, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link which looked beautiful in its Gold Cartridge. Why did only Zelda games get a gold cartridge, I know some other's did but Zelda was the only series approved on NES to have them. Whatever the reason, I feel like i'm holding a rare jewel. I also grabbed Wild Gunman and Star Wars, those games were random choices, nothing else among the 35 or so games caught my eye. Star Wars seems better than I thought, idk why I bought Wild Gunman when I don't have an NES Zapper right now >_<. 

Oh wait thats right, they were a dollar each. Yes, I paid three bucks for them all. Great Deal eh? And I know you might be thinking, why not buy every single one and sell the ones you don't like? Believe it or not, I didn't see the point. I'm a collector, i'm not much of the business type. I've got too much stuff to throw away from my house as is. 

O man, I was worried they wouldn't work. You never know, they all required a bit of blowing. Star Wars I got working first, Wild Gunman was easier, but Zelda 2 was a BIG Pain. Because i'm lazy I used my shirt at that moment to wipe clean the connection piece sticking out of the NES game. It cut two holes in my shirt! Fail. Then my sister's Boyfriend who's an avid Nintendo Fan tried to make it work, and he did.

Funny thing, the back of the Zelda game indicates it has an internal battery. Does the battery get charged by it being in the NES? Interesting idea about technology and it makes sense since it could have had a boost being inserted and removed out of the NES so much. Also, because it saves games, the cartridge says to HOLD select while turning off the NES.

Anyway, i'll be playing these over the next few days. So look for gaming diary entries soon :)

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  1. The reason there's a battery in your cart is for the game saving.

    In Japan, however, this owuld be a little different.

    in 1986, before the NES even came out in the US, and 3 years after the Famicom came out in Japan, they released something called the "Famicom Disk System" it used cartirgies shaped roughly like something you'd put in your computer in the 80's and 90's.

    The disks for the disk system had a battery in the, and this allowed stuff to be written directly to the disk, when other cartriges for the original Famicom couldn't. in 1988, when the NES came out in the US, they built this functionality into the console, and games released on the famicom disk system were released just like any other NES game out there.

    The launch titles for the Famicom Disk System were The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros. (now with multiple minus world levels), Mahjong, golf, baseball, tennis, and soccer.

    later on they also released popular games like Metroid, Final Fantasy, and of course... Zelda II.